The Plot Twisted

Bio: T – Trifecta– Wife, Mama, Librarian R – Reuser of gift bags I – Imperfect...just like everyone else N – Nutty as a fruitcake I – Imagination on full speed T – Trivia knower Y – Young at heart. ThePlotTwisted all begins with me thinking I had my life all planned out and then insert a surprise bundle of joy. I'm just a simple mom of a teen, a tween, an infant and one grown up kid (my husband). I play the part of a Children's/Teen Librarian by day and Wife/Homework Crusher by night. I've worked in a small town library for almost 19 years. I LOVE BOOKS...and if you don't believe me...just ask. I have always said that people who say they don't like to read just haven't found what they like yet. By blogging, I hope to help you find a book to read, a craft to make, a new recipe to try or just read about my crazy life as I try to balance it all living life one chapter at a time.

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  1. I always say that about books too:) people just need to find the right kinda book and they will be as lost as those of use who fall asleep with books

    Sarah Mouser (aka your old scrapping buddy)

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