Cooking Without Photos – Rocky Mountain Pie

This week we hop on over to the small community of Floyd, AR in White County.

Floyd was started by a man named Levi Ricker. In 1820 he received a patent for 160 acres of land for his military service in the War of 1812. Lots of stories and legends surround the house that Levi first built. That’s a whole other story though.

Early businesses in Floyd included, a horse powered Cotten gin, grist mill, market for trading and fur trading. A school was started in 1856.

From what I’ve gathered, Floyd started as a small community and remains a small close knit community. While there have always been larger towns down the road, Floyd has remained small and they like it that way❤️

This time around I’m using the cookbook, “Sharing Recipes: A Book Of Favorite Recipes Compiled By The Ladies Auxiliary of The Floyd Volunteer Fire Department Floyd, Arkansas”. I found a recipe for a pie I had never tried before and it also sounded easy. My two faves🥰

This recipe for Rocky Mountain Pie is pretty straight forward. I followed the recipe exactly and it came out perfect! It reminds me of a chocolate chip cookie…in pie form🤔. Anyway, you should totally try it! I paired it with vanilla ice cream. Yessssss!

I also have a feeling I’ll be sharing more from this cookbook soon. I just got it and it’s fabulous😍😍


Cooking Without Photos – Black Forest Pie

I just keep going back to this cookbook. When cookbooks are worn, have stains all over or generally falling apart, you know they’re gonna be spectacular!

This time I’m sharing Black Forest Pie😍😍 Super easy!

One thing: unless you want a half of a can of cherry pie filling left over, double this recipe and make two pies. Keep one and share one. Also, I feel like there are a ton of options to switch this recipe up. One way I’m thinking of is to use banana pudding and then drizzle chocolate fudge over the top. Yaaaasssss!!!!