Cooking Without Photos – Camp Nachos and Walking Banana Pudding

This weekend we were on a camping trip and the weather was perfect! We won’t talk about how it rained all night the first night and I was the only one concerned🤔

We stayed at Lake Nimrod and it was fabulous! I learned today that this was a favorite place of my Great Grandfather’s. No wonder I feel at home there. ❤️

Lake Nimrod is the oldest Army Corp of Engineers project in Arkansas. It was created to help control flooding along the Fourche La Fave River and was completed in 1942.

Situated alongside the Nimrod Wildlife Management area, Lake Nimrod is a great place not only for fishing but also water fowl hunting or observation. With 5 campsites available, it’s a great place to take your family for a weekend of fun any time of year.

Today I chose to share a few recipes you could take with you while camping. Since I didn’t find these in a cookbook, don’t be upset. Next week we are back to normal😆

The first I’d like to share is one that I’ve been trying to figure out for a bit. You may look at this one and decide you want something different too. I won’t be sad if you change it to suit you. in fact, the next time I make it I’m putting in a can of chili beans🤔. Here it goes:

Camp Nachos
1 lb hamburger meat – browned
1 Onion – diced
1 Package Taco Seasoning
16 Oz Melting Cheese (Velveeta) – cubed
16 Oz Pepper Jack – cubed
2 Can Rotel
1 Can Cream of Mushroom
1/2 Cup Milk

  1. Get a fire going in your fire pit or start up your charcoal on your grill.
  2. Brown and crumble hamburger in a Dutch oven with onion. Drain and add taco seasoning. Set aside.
  3. In a foil pan, add remaining ingredients. Place on grill or fire pit grate.
  4. Stir every so often to avoid scorching until cheese is melted.
  5. Remove from heat. Add back in the hamburger.

Walking Banana Pudding
(Per Person)
1 Package Mini Nilla Wafers
1/3 Banana-Sliced
1 Banana Crème Pie Flavored Snack Cup

Combine all ingredients with a good stir and enjoy!

Lake Nimrod Sunset

Cooking Without Photos – Banana Blueberry Pie

This week we mosey on down to Abilene, Texas. I‘ve never been to Texas. I do believe I bought this week’s cookbook at an estate sale in Conway🤔🤔

Anywho, here are some facts about Abilene that you may not have known.

  1. A cattle rancher by the name of Clairborne W. Merchant named Abilene, TX after Abilene, Kansas which was once a huge cattle town.
  2. Abilene won the county seat in 1883 because the Texas and Pacific railroad had just laid track down the middle of their town.
  3. Taco Bueno was started in Abilene in 1967 and I do believe the whole south thanks you😘😘😘

This week I chose the very tiny cookbook put out by The Vintage Tea Room that was once located in Abilene. I could not find any information about the business. I can only assume it is no longer in service.

Out of their cookbook called, “Favorite Recipes From The Vintage Tea Room”, I chose Blueberry Banana Pie to make.

Couple of things:
The ingredient list for this is kinda confusing. you’ll need the following for two pies:

2 crusts
2 cups sugar
2 8oz package cream cheese
2 bananas
1 can blueberry pie filling
1 small tub cool whip

Also, it says “sugar” and I used “sugar”. I could see though that it would be better with powdered sugar. I got no complaints though. Very much a Spring or Summer pie. Enjoy!!!