Cooking Without Photos – Broccoli Cornbread

We take a short trip to Bee Branch, Arkansas this week.

Did you know Bee Branch got their name because there was a beehive in a tree near the post office? This info came from Wikipedia so I’m not actually sure if it’s true😆. One thing is for sure, small town livin’ is still prime and knowing your neighbor is king.

This week’s selection comes from the book, “Favorite Recipes Of Bluegrass Friends And Fans Of Cadron Creek Bluegrass Park: Bee Branch, Arkansas”. I looked high and low for information regarding the next bluegrass festival with no luck. Like most bluegrass festivals around the state, it seems like this one has folded and it makes me sad.

While reading the book, I remembered my own grandparents traveling to different festivals. Seems like it was fairly often that they were heading out to hear their favorite banjo player. I can’t tell you the last time I heard about a festival happening. Maybe I’m just out of the loop or maybe they are few and far between.😢

I chose Broccoli Cornbread this week. I’ve had it multiple times before thanks to a coworker. I thought it was too good of a bread not to share it. This one is a little different from the one I’ve had. Seems like there should be more liquid or some sour cream or something. Tasty nonetheless. I’ll also add that I’m NOT a fan of Jiffy cornbread and I still love this. Hope you enjoy!


Cooking Without Photos Week 1 – McDonald Biscuits

Wahoo! We made it to 2023!!!

This year I decided to take my community cookbooks and put them to work. I love picking up community/church cookbooks from all over. We’ll go on vacation and I’m gathering spiral bound pieces of history. Fundraisers come around and I’ve gotta have some local flavor. There are so many recipes in these books that have been forgotten over the years.

So my goal for the year is to cook one recipe per week from a different community cookbook, share the recipe with you and take a photo of what it’s supposed to look like. I’ll also share the cookbook I took it from and a little about the community that put the cookbook together. Voila! Cooking Without Photos has been born! Here it goes!

Cooking Without Photos Week 1
I’m starting 2023 off with my home of Harmony, AR. These days Harmony is a sleepy community on Hwy 10 with not even one store (although Williams Junction should be opening back up this year).

At one time, Harmony had its own grist mill, saw mill, a cotton gin, school and post office. Several of the founding families are still keeping the community alive today. My family has been in the area for several generations, but some have lived there from the very beginning.

One of the first structures built in the area was a church. Harmony Baptist Church started out as a log cabin in 1872 and then rebuilt into the brick building that stands there today.

This week my recipe comes from, “Feeding The Flock: Harmony Baptist Church and Friends”.
I’d never heard of “McDonald” biscuits before. Three ingredients and that’s it🤷🏻‍♀️ When I read the recipe, all I could think of was, this must be one of those recipes you make when you just don’t have a lot of anything. I gave ‘er a whirl.

Y’all, these are the fluffiest biscuits I’ve ever tasted! Not a biscuit you could easily put a piece of sausage on, because they are just puffs of cotton! For sure a biscuit you could pinch up for gravy.

Suggestion: I made them twice trying to make them better. Make sure you mix the sour cream and bisquick together before adding in the sprite. You’ll need less than 1/4 cup. Like literally a splash and you should be able to cut the biscuits out. I put too much both times so I spooned them out. 😆 practice! I’ll for sure make them again and I don’t even like bisquick.

Too much Sprite.

The recipe doesn’t say anything about spraying the pan. I tested one spot not sprayed and they stuck like crazy. Spray dat pan! Also not listed, they need to cook about 12-15 minutes.

Still too much Sprite, but we’re getting there!
Whew! Much better and this was with about 3 tablespoons of Sprite.

Hope you like them as much as we did❤️❤️❤️