Cooking Without Photos – Peach-Berry Upside Down Crisp

Cooking Without Photos – Week 5

It’s gonna get cold this week here in the south. Why not travel to the sunshine state? Aaaahhhh Tallahassee, Florida’s capital city. Did you know that Florida once had two capitals? Yep! St. Augustine and Pensacola alternated the task until it was decided that Tallahassee needed to be the capital in 1824.

Tallahassee sits rich in state history and is a hub for agriculture, timber and livestock trade for the region. Creek and Apalachee (not Apache) Indian history is also hugely important to this area of Florida. The word “Tallahassee” actually derives from the Creek word meaning “old town”.

This week’s recipe comes to you from the book, “Loaves and Fishes: Christ Presbyterian Church”. The church was started in the the late 1980’s, although that’s really not that long ago. The coolest part is that when leaders bought a few acres of land to build a church on, they instead repurposed a small Methodist church chapel that had been originally built in 1910. They had the building moved to its new location and made the necessary changes. It’s just beautiful!!

While flipping thru the pages of the cookbook, Peach-Berry Upside-Down Crisp caught my eye. Reading the ingredients, I had to look up what a boysenberry even was😆 Apparently, it’s a cross between blackberry, dewberry, raspberry and a loganberry. No wonder I was confused! I used blackberries instead 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anywho, this is excellent! One piece of advice, make sure you use self-rising flour and also let it sit for the 15 minutes. Alllllll those juices soak up into the crisp. Mmmmmmm! Thank you where ever you are, Lu Parry😘😘