Cooking Without Photos – Honey Chicken Wings

Cooking Without Photos Week 4

Next we travel to jolly old England…Arkansas😆 see what I did there! Bah!!!😆. Anywho, England is a small town just a hop, skip and a jump from Little Rock.

England was actually first named Groveland and the first settlers came around 1880. Upon arrival, they began clearing the land of hardwoods. Once the lumber industry moved on westward, farmers were able to start planting and grow soybeans, cotton, rice and corn. In fact, the soil around England is classified as some of the most producing in the country.

At one time and thanks to the railroad, England was the center for cotton production and trade. Arkansas Journal newspaper was printed and circulated there and they had their own cotton gin. Over the years, they’ve had highs and lows, but farming continues to be a huge part of their heritage.

This week’s cookbook, Reflections of “Beary” Good Cooking: From England First Baptist Church Youth, was a little beat up when I purchased it. I figure that means someone used it and liked it!

I chose Honey Chicken Wings to share and they were amazing!!! Don’t tell Freda Thompson, but I added more garlic. I mean…1/2 garlic clove? 1/2 a clove? Maybe she meant 1/2 a bulb? I bet you could also add some hot sauce or cayenne pepper for an extra kick. Enjoy!!!


Cooking Without Photos – Southern Fried Apples

Cooking Without Photos Week 3

This week we travel together to Conway, South Carolina. I’ve never even been to South Carolina! I honestly think I picked this cookbook up at an estate sale. Anywho, here’s a little bit of a history lesson.

The British began settling in what is now South Carolina in 1670. The timber industry quickly became a way of life for folks in Horry (O-Rry) county. I wonder how many times a day they have to correct out of towners on THAT pronunciation🤔.

Fire destroyed the town and it was rebuilt in the early 1900’s. Since then it has thrived and become a popular tourist stop with its close proximity to Myrtle Beach.

Today’s selection comes to you from Seasoned Love: Conway Christian Church. Wahoo! Southern Fried Apples😍 DELICIOUS!!! One thing… Sorry Linda Roundtree, there’s no way this will feed 12 people😆 And I added whipped cream…because who doesn’t like that?!