Cooking Without Photos – 5 Cup Salad

Cooking Without Photos – Week 14

This week we take a trip up north and across the river. Yep! North Little Rock, AR.

Long story short, North Little Rock was only known as “opposite Little Rock” for the longest time. After some backlash from across the river and some other back and forth, what is now the historic Argenta neighborhood merged with North Little Rock in 1903.

This week our recipe comes from the very well loved cookbook, “Our Favorite Recipes: Compiled By The United Methodist Women Gardner Memorial United Methodist Church North Little Rock Arkansas”.

In 1903 the church began by holding their first services under a brush arbor where the church now stands with Rev. N.E. Gardner officiating. By the following year, they built their first building and held services. In 1946 a fire destroyed the church but a new building was built to replace the one that was lost. Now over 60 years later, services are still being held.

After tornados ravaged our state this week, Gardner Memorial opened their doors today and invited the Amboy congregation to join them. What a wonderful feeling it is to help your neighbor. Much love and prayers for those effected or displaced by our weather. May you all find peace after the storm.

I chose to make 5 Cup Salad this time around. I’ve seen it a few times and it’s also been called 6 or 7 cup salad. You can make this really however you want. The other things I’ve seen added are: cherries, grapes, mango and nuts. Really there are so many different ways you can make it.

I also switched out sour cream for whipped cream. I’ve seen it both ways. For sure use sour cream if you don’t like things too sweet. Sooo many different combinations for this one. Enjoy!!!


Cooking Without Photos – Chicken Salad

I’ve been searching for a great Chicken Salad recipe for a while now. My search ended in Kaufman, TX.

Kaufman was originally named Kings Fort (1840) and then changed to Kingsboro (1845) both after the founder, Dr. William P. King. And then changed to Kaufman when Kaufman County was formed in 1852.

Kaufman owns the bragging rights for locking up Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde for the first time. Not sure how long she spent there since she was released to live her life of crime.

Back to Chicken Salad! While flipping thru “Goodness Pure And Simple: Episcopal Church Women, Our Merciful Savior Episcopal Church Kaufman, Texas”, I came across a recipe by Punkie Kinnan. I thought…curry powder?! What?! Let’s try it😆.

I’d just like to thank Punkie Kinnan for submitting this recipe. This has got to be the absolute BEST chicken salad I’ve ever had!

Delicious Chicken Salad: Let’s get in to it! Couple of things.

This makes a lot!

It calls for 5 lbs of chicken breast. Then it talks about deboning it after it is cooked. For some reason, finding bone in chicken breast is a challenge and when you do find it, it is super high. Why? I don’t know. I chose to use boneless skinless chicken breast. I used about 4 lbs and it was plenty. I also cooked it for almost an hour and a half. Why did it take so long to cook while covered in foil? Beats me. Just check it to see if it is cooked all the way thru. You don’t want to be eating raw chicken. Ew!

Also, if you cook almond slices for 15 minutes at 350° they will BURN!! Keep a watch on them or just buy already toasted almonds.

I served them on croissants. You could also use brioche buns, regular buns, crackers or just eat it with a spoon😆. Enjoy!!