Cooking Without Photos – Goulash

This time we make a short drive to Benton, AR.

Other than having the best VFW around and being home to the famous Brown’s Catfish (now closed), did y’all know that Benton used to have 13 pottery firms? Yes! Thirteen!

Apparently, kaolin (a type of richly colored clay) was found in and around the Benton area. Folks made all kinds of things out of it and sold it for a profit. In fact, at the turn of the twentieth century it was Benton’s primary industry. The most famous being Niloak Pottery.

This week’s recipe came from, “A Taste Of Heaven: A Collection Of Recipes By Northside Church Of Christ Ministries”.

Believe it or not, but I’ve never made goulash before. Our Mama made it for us, but I’ve never tackled it. This was a super easy recipe. I did have to use the suggested small can of tomato sauce and also about a half of a cup of water. Just use your judgement. Enjoy!