Cooking Without Photos Week 2 – Wagon Trail Beans

Cooking Without Photos Week 2

“Creative Cooking: Cookin’ Is A Lotta Fun” by The Outhouse Cooking Team

Don’t let the name of this cookbook fool you…they don’t actually cook in an outhouse…or maybe they did. I can’t actually find any info on the group other than the short paragraph in the front of the book.

Originating in 1988, The Outhouse Cooking Team started out cooking catfish. They then expanded and started doing fundraisers for fire houses, churches and other community events. I can only assume they’ve disbanded. I’m kinda sad about this news.

Just the county over, Dardanelle once was the heart of Arkansas River traffic between Fort Smith and Little Rock. Dardanelle is also home to Dardanelle Rock, an overlook used by Native Americans and Confederate soldiers.

Today, folks can visit Mt. Nebo State park, home of the switchbacks. I wouldn’t suggest making that drive on a full stomach🤢. And how could we look over the fact that Dardanelle is home of the Free State Of Yell Fest. They even have a YELLING contest!!! I feel like I know some folks that could win that competition🤔. Charles Portis even based his book, “True Grit” off of the Dardanelle area and it was later made into a movie.

This week I made Wagon Trail Beans. The only thing I’d add is to drain the northern and red beans. Seemed like it had too much liquid. Other than that, they were superb!! These were cooking in a crockpot, but I bet you could easily cook them campground style over an open fire. Yaaassssss!! Enjoy❤️❤️❤️


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