Cooking Without Photos – Beef And Dumpling Bake

This week we trek to the Arkansas of the north, Wisconsin!! That’s right! Home of the Packers! The Badger State!

The Mineral Point area was once mined for limestone and other minerals. When prospectors arrived to the area, they didn’t bother building houses. They dug out the bluffs and made shelters out of them…like badger holes. Hence, The Badger State.

Several Native American Tribes originally established the area, one of them being the Ho-Chunk tribe. Fun Fact: The summer of my 16th year, I spent in Mazomaine, WI (which is a hop, skip and a jump from Mineral Point) I can still remember the jingle from the Ho-Chunk Casino commercials😆

Anywho, once the California Gold Rush Started in 1848, Mineral Point fell into a depression. In the late 1880s, zinc was discovered and Mineral Point soon became home of the largest zinc oxide company in the United States.

By the turn of the century, dairy and cattle production increased. With cattle grazing on native blue grass, they earned their own brand at the Chicago Stockyards. Cattle and dairy production is still a huge part of Wisconsin’s industry today. Cheese stores, y’all. They have cheese stores!

This week’s book is, “Cook Book: First United Methodist Church Mineral Point, WI”. The recipe I chose was, Beef And Dumpling Bake. Y’all, this is a heavy dish. Like I’m picturing a room of lumberjacks or dairy farmers having this after a long day. Tasty nonetheless!

This one is done in two steps. When I took it out the second time, I was like…ain’t no way those dumplings are done. They were🤷🏻‍♀️ Couple of things: I used fresh mushrooms because we like them better. Because of this, I used a whole cup. Also, I used a smaller bell pepper so I put more rings on top. Made sense🤔 Enjoy!!


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