Cooking Without Photos – Magic Cookie Bar

It’s up in the air how Texarkana, TX got their name. There are several stories that claim the origin of the name. One story is that it is named from a combination of Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. Another is that there was a steamboat with the same name. And still another that a General named the town. It’s a mystery.

Moving along. In case you don’t know, Texarkana, TX is a twin city with Texarkana, AR. Yes. They even have twin post offices, split right down the middle on the state line. Indeed.

Texarkana’s history is hugely important. For hundreds of years, The Great Southwest Trail was the main line of travel for Indian villages of the Mississippi River. When the railroad arrived in the late 1850’s along that same trail, Texarkana quickly became a hub for the area. The population of the area has gone up and down, but one thing remains, the railroad. Still an important part of who they are as a city.

This week is sort of cheated. I was flipping thru, “Sharing Our Best: A Collection Of Recipes By Echo Hills Missionary Baptist” and I came across Magic Cookie Bars😍😍😍

My husband’s Grandma made these and they are fabulous! All of his cousins would just rave about them. The first time I had them, I asked her for the recipe. She laughed and said, “Honey, everybody thinks I came up with this myself, but it’s on the back of the Eagle Brand milk can.” What?! 😆 I loved it and she was the best❤️

Note: you can absolutely make your own Graham cracker crumbs. I was just lazy.

Hope you enjoy!!!❤️❤️❤️


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