Dollar Tree DIY Easter Wreath

Whoooop! This DIY Dollar Tree wreath is super easy! I don’t normally make wreaths. In fact, I have a pin board on Pinterest that’s called, “Wreaths I’ll Probably Never Make”. If I can do it, anyone can!

Here’s what you’re gonna need: Glue Gun, glue sticks, scissors, zip ties

From Dollar Tree: 2 packages colored eggs, rabbit sign (they have several that would work), two round wire wreath forms, Spanish moss, wire ribbon.

Supplies Needed

1. When you take the eggs out of the packaging, save the carton part and the raffia that is tied around the package. You’ll use them both. Tear the packages up and hot glue the pieces to one of the wire forms. This will prevent the moss from falling thru the back.

2. Hot glue the moss onto the paper, creating a nest effect.

3. Hot glue eggs onto the moss. This way you won’t have to chase them around when you put the top on. They will stay in place better.

4. Place the other wire wreath form on top. Secure with zip ties and cut off the excess. I used three. You can use as many as you see fit.

5. Remove bunny from original sign. You may want to use the other parts of the sign later, so don’t throw them away. At this point, I took off the bow and used the raffia from the egg carton to jazz it up. Then I added back the original bow on top of the new bow. Cute!

6. I made a bow for the top out of the wire ribbon and hot glued it all down.

7. Ta-Da!!!


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