Cooking Without Photos – Spinach Casserole

This week we make a trip north to Bloomington, Illinois.

After a couple of name changes, Bloomington became the county seat of McLean County in 1830. Farmers quickly arrived and the town began to thrive. Abraham Lincoln even frequented Bloomington as he was a lawyer in neighboring Springfield.

Sadly, in 1900 a fire swept thru downtown and destroyed most of the structures. Almost immediately citizens began to rebuild and Bloomington thrived yet again.

This time I chose a recipe from the cookbook, “Favorite Recipes: Park United Methodist Church, United Methodist Women Bloomington, Illinois 1975”. While flipping thru pages, Spinach Casserole caught my eye.

Couple things about this recipe: While it has a great flavor, I think it needs an egg or two. It doesn’t hold together well at all…probably because there’s nothing to hold it together😆 It doesn’t take the best photo either. It doesn’t really say what to do with the cream cheese. After cooking and draining the spinach, i cubed up the cream cheese and it melted really well. Also, I used Italian bread crumbs. It was interesting🤔

Tasty nonetheless! Kinda think it needs to be a holiday side. Reminds me of Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner🤔


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