Cooking Without Photos – Texas Beef Skillet

We travel west to Woodward, Oklahoma. Woodward is the county seat of Woodward County which was originally named N County back in the day.

In September of 1893, thousands of folks came by horse, mule, wagon, bicycle and by foot to claim land lots. It was during this time that Oklahoma was being built from the ground up…literally.

With not many trees around, pioneers made their first homes out of prairie sod. Lumber soon began arriving via the railroad and proper houses were built on the ever changing prairie.

Soon, the town of Woodward grew and businesses of all kinds opened and flourished.

While reading this cookbook, I couldn’t help but laugh at all of the “Texas” recipes. It’s probably because of the close proximity to Texas, but it made me think of all of my cousins that wear Texas Longhorn gear. It’s the best😍😍. This one goes out to all you Okies in orange and white!

This week I chose to make Texas Beef Skillet from the cookbook, “Country Cookbook: Church Of The Nazarene, Woodward Oklahoma”. Couple things:

  1. It didn’t say what kind of tomatoes to use so I chose Fire Roasted. Also, they’re jipping us an ounce these days.
  2. I added more chilies because of the above fact. What was I going to do with like half a can of chilies anyway?
  3. I assumed by “American cheese shredded” that it meant something like Velveeta. I don’t really care for Velveeta much. I’ll use regular shredded cheddar next time. I don’t see how it would hurt.
  4. You’re gonna need more spices than what it says. I do believe this is just to get you started on your journey. I’d also add pepper.
  5. I also didn’t crush up the corn chips. I think it’s prettier with whole chips. I even think you could use those Scoop chips. I plan on doing that next time.
  6. I served this with chips and dip because why not. And I also topped it with avocado and sour cream.

7. This would also be an easy meal to prepare while camping! ❤️

Delightful! You should for sure try it out on your bunch!


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