Cooking Without Photos – Lemon Orange Muffins

This week’s cookbook was suggested by my pal Mary Jane❤️. She found this treasure at the Oppelo Flea Market, one of my fave places😍. I zipped on over there and snatched it up! Whooop!

Fun fact: When I was growing up, I had a fascination with anything that had my name in it. I always thought they belonged to me. Turns out, I was mistaken🧐

Trinity Episcopal Church rests in Pine Bluff. This church has been around for 164 years. It’s also the oldest continuously active Episcopal church in Arkansas. They’re famously home to the 100 year Pancake Supper. Maybe I’ll show up there some day and be part of their history.

I chose this week’s recipe from “A Taste Of Trinity” for two reasons. 1. I love lemons! 2. We needed a new dessert. Good news! I didn’t steer myself wrong!

Few things:

  1. I didn’t know what a “butter cake mix” was. I’ve always called it a “yellow cake mix”. Surprise! It’s the same thing.
  2. I used butter because my mix told me to.
  3. I added a little bit more powdered sugar. Maybe my oranges and lemons were extra juicy🤔 Monitor and adjust❤️
  4. When the recipe said to make mini muffins, I wanted to see what it would be like if I made regular muffins and just put the frosting on top.
    Y’all, Blanche Choate knows what she’s talkin’ about. Make them mini and dunk them into that yummy concoction! Yaaaaassssss!

You’re gonna love them!


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