Cooking Without Photos – Quartered Baked Potatoes

El Dorado, Arkansas! County seat of Union County! Did y’all know that El Dorado was once called the “Queen City Of South Arkansas” and was the center for oil production and refining? It’s a fact, Jack!

Founded in 1843 by Matthew Rainey, El Dorado started plainly as a single retail store and a pine pole cabin with a dirt floor. The city began with the incorporation of a duck pond at its center and expanded from there.

Cotton farms were prevalent in the area, but by the late 1800’s the railroad arrived and with it the timber industry began to climb. In the early 20’s, El Dorado boomed with oil production. In fact, there were 59 oil contracting companies, 13 oil distributors and 22 oil production companies. Population went from 4,000 to 30,000 in just 5 years. Whoa!

In the years that followed, population went up and down. Folks didn’t give up on their small city. In 2004 the downtown area was declared a historical district. Thanks to a $100 million dollar renovation project, the city is completing projects that include an outdoor amphitheater and renovation of their Rialto Theater.

While flipping through, “The Old Fashioned Way: A Collection Of Old And New Recipes” Compiled by the 1989 Ladies Fellowship Marrable Hill Chapel, I came across a recipe for Quartered Baked Potatoes. Have I made them before? Yes🤷🏻‍♀️ Have I thought to put Parmesan cheese on them before? no🧐

Let’s get into it. Nothing about this recipe is hard! Just do it and you won’t be disappointed❤️.

One thing: I didn’t use nearly as much oil as it said. I used about 1/4 of a cup and I doubled the recipe. Use your own judgement though. 



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